Discover Crystal’s core features


It is as simple as a map

Build your own organization’s map or start from one of our templates. Each circle represents an Activity — it can be anything your team values enough to make it visible on the map.

Use data to change your organization

The dashboard summarizes how your team works, and provides you with live data to help you make decisions and improve your organization


Improve your collaboration by accessing the information you need

Click on an Activity to see everything you have to know: why it exists, who the leader and contributors are, where to find online documents, and the last updates.

Keep your team updated

Updates history let everyone catch up on the latest changes in your team: the latest marketing campaign, the creation of a new Activity in the HR department, or the start of a new project in your team!


Effortlessly audit your organization

Our Checkup allows you to know whether your map’s Activities are well documented: are Leader identified in all Activities? do your Activities hold links to important documentation? do they have a clear description of their purpose? The Checkup tells you where to improve your map!

Connect Crystal to your favorites apps


Crystal works seamlessly with Slack, Zapier and Google Drive. More coming soon!