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Perfect for those who want to map out their organization without any hassle
✅ 1 registered user
✅ Unlimited activities

Solo plan features

  • Activity map
  • Activity documentation
  • Basic checkup
  • Map export
  • Slack notifications
  • User directory



Unleash the power of collaboration and personalization through Crystal for teams
✅ Unlimited registered users
✅ Unlimited activities

Team plan features

  • Activity map
  • Activity documentation
  • Basic checkup
  • Map export
  • Slack notifications
  • User directory
  • Changelog
  • Team metrics
  • Google drive integration
  • Activity newsfeed
  • Personalized homepage
  • Weekly email digest
  • 🚧Zapier integration
  • 🚧Custom checkup

If you wish to scale the use of Crystal to your entire company and are looking for advanced administration rights, custom API access and/or organizational design coaching, please contact us.

Team Features


Clarify and share with your team all of the changes that have occurred on an activity. Thanks to the Changelog, team members can make sense of decisions and give their feedback.

Team metrics

Staffing, resources, updates, skills : we give you the data you need to make organizational decisions as a team.

Google Drive integration

Embed your Google Drive files directly inside your activities and visualize your files in-app.

Custom description template

Does your team prefer a way to formalize what an activity is? Customize your team’s activity template and they can become anything : a Holacracy circle ? a squad ? a project ? you name it.

Activity newsfeed

Come back to why a decision was made, or how a team was setup months ago. Search for specific data points in your organizational changes.

Personalized homepage

Each team member gets a personalized page with how many activities and contributions they hold, and what’s new in the activities they’re involved in.

Weekly email digest

Each week, we send your team information about their Crystal map : how many activities were created, how many were changed and the most clicked-on activity.

Zapier integration 🚧

If you’ve ever thought of integrating Crystal to your toolstack (Trello, Slack, Github etc.), Zapier is the tool to do it with. Connect Crystal to your environment and automate your governance.

Custom checkup 🚧

Our checkup allows you to know at anytime whether your map’s activities are well documented: are leaders identified in all activities? do your activities hold links to important documentation? do they have a clear description of their purpose? We tell you where to improve your map. With the Team plan, you can customize the checkup to your needs and setup your own standards of what a well-documented activity means.


What is an ownership?

An activity is the unit of value that is used to map your organization. It can be anything in your team/company that you deem valuable enough to map : a product, an HR process, a project, a tool and so on. By definition, an activity on Crystal has an owner, can have contributors, resources and a definition.

How long is the SOLO plan free for?

Forever. This plan is meant to give you the time to setup your activity map until you are ready to take your relationship with Crystal to the next level.

What is a registered user ?

When you map your organization, you might want to add leaders and contributors to your activities, without inviting the actual people. We consider those to be unregistered users. Registered users are actual people that have actually joined the Crystal team.

Can I switch plans after I have tried the TEAM plan?

Of course you can! You won’t lose any data except for the data present in Team features. Oh, and we’d love to have your feedback too.

How can I upgrade to the TEAM plan?

Great news! All you have to do is upgrade here. This link will take you to your login page (if you don’t have an account, just click the signup button) and then to the upgrade page. Upon completion, we receive a notification and take care of the rest. You will receive an email once your Team has been upgraded to

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