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  • Zapier Integration
  • New feed integration

See the real focus of your team

24 July 2020


Team plan

Each member of the team can declare his workload and a graph is generated to visualize the team’s focus.

Export your map into image

29 June 2020

Solo and Team plans

Now, you have the possibility to export your organization map into an image, in PNG format.

Use a template to start mapping your organization

29 June 2020


Solo and Team plans

4 templates are available to start the mapping of your organization

Ability to search a member

29 June 2020

Search member

Solo and Team plans

You can now search a member with the search field

Add description to a resource

16 June 2020

Description for resources

Solo and Team plans

Add a text description to a resource to explain what the link is about.

Ability to add contributors / leaders who do not yet have an account

2 June 2020

Add member

Solo and Team plans

Add a member without an account as leader or contributor on an activity.

Management of roles on contributions

2 June 2020

Role on contributor

Solo and Team plans

You can add a role to a contributor member on an activity

Add custom template description for an activity

20 April 2020

template description

Team plan

You can add a template description for an activity specific to your own organization.

Write a changelog after making changes on activity

23 March 2020

Changelog changes

Team plan

When you make somes changes on an activity, an option is displayed to encourage you to create a changelog.

Comment and mention on changelog

6 March 2020

Comment and mention a changelog

Team plan

In the changelog, you can write a comment and mention a teammate, the activity’s members or the whole team. They’ll be notified.

Update on Member homepage

21 February 2020

New home Banner

Team plan

Somes changes to show the member’s activities in order to make quickly actions to them.

Archive an activity

5 February 2020

Solo and Team plans

You can now archive an activity instead of delete it.
You have the option to restore the activity to get it back in your organization.

Create a changelog for an activity

14 January 2020

Team plan

Note all the changes of your organization from the changelog system. Comment and mention your team members to notify them. Useful for keeping a history of changes in your organization.

Filters on updates history page

4 December 2019

Team plan

Filter all history updates with several fiedls

Member homepage

25 November 2019

Team plan

We added a homepage to better serve the needs of a team’s members on Crystal.

New dashboard

18 November 2019

Team plan

Information and data that says a lot. Each tab on the dashboard focuses on an area of importance: members, activities, checkup.

Improvement on the activity infopanel

18 November 2019

Hover Activité

Solo and Team plans

We only display the essential information, as per your feedback 🙂

Search for a resource

22 October 2019


Solo and Team plans

Access information more quickly by using the search bar.

New navigation interface

22 October 2019


Solo and Team plans

A new menu, new navigation on the maps, we brushed up our design to make it more beautiful to your eyes.

View your activities in a list

14 October 2019


Team plan

Filter your team’s activities by name, owner, parent activity, checkup status and last update.

Checkup – measure your activities’ health

23 September 2019


Team plan

Check if your map’s activities are well-documented.

Search for an activity on the map

23 September 2019


Solo and Team plans

Type in an activity name and open its infopanel.

Share your map via URL or embed it

12 September 2019


Solo and Team plans

Share your map to the world with a public URL

Login / Registration page re-design

29 July 2019


Solo and Team plans

A new design for these pages, because the old ones were just a tad to prototype-y

Newsfeed – Read the newsfeed in a Slack channel

22 July 2019


Solo and Team plans

News pertaining to your Crystal activity is sent to a Slack channel of your choice.

Newsfeed by activity

8 July 2019


Solo and Team plans

Read any ownership’s newsfeed directly in the infopanel.

Team directory

1 July 2019


Solo and Team plans

The team directory allows you to view all of your team’s members and search information.