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General Conditions

crystal.work is owned by Frontier SAS, 112 boulevard de la Chapelle
75018 Paris
Editor : Julien Dreher


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Intellectual Property

All of the website’s content, including, but not limited to, its design, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and icons, as well as their implementation are exclusively held by Frontier SAS, except for the brands, logos or content that may be owned by other partner entities, for which Crystal received an authorization for its usage.

The Crystal logo is subject to Creative Commons. Designed by Dima Lagunov.

Any duplication, distribution, modification, adaptation, retransmission or publication, even partial, of these elements is strictly forbidden without the written approval of Frontier SAS. Said duplication or representation, regardless of the means, constitutes a counterfeit good sanction and is protected by articles L.335-2 under the intellectual property Code. Violation of this condition engages the civil and penal responsibility of the counterfeiter. Additionally, the owners of the counterfeited contents may proceed with legal actions against the perpetrators of the copy.

Frontier SAS is equally owner of the “database production rights” under the Book III, Title IV, of the Intellectual Property Code, relative to owner rights and database.

Crystal.work’s users and visitors may share hypertext links that redirect to this site, but only towards the homepage, i.e :  https://crystal.work and only if the link opens a new tab in the browser.

Hypertext links

The Crystal.work website may embed links towards other websites or resources available on the Internet.

Frontier holds no means to control websites in relation with its website. Frontier does not hold guaranty the availability of said websites and external sources, nor does it have to answer to it. Frontier cannot be held accountable for any damages, regardless of their nature, linked to its websites content or external sources, especially informations, products, or services that it may provide, or any usage that may be done with these. The risks that come with its usage are the owner’s entirely, and it is his responsibility to follow the general conditions.



No other guaranty is awarded to the users, whom has the obligation to clearly express their needs and has the right to information. If information provided by Crystal appear inexact, it is the user’s duty to verify its coherence or validity of the outcome. Frontier cannot be held accountable of third party usage by the user and the information or their lack of information in its products, including in one of its websites.



The aforementioned conditions are protected under french law and any contestation or litigation that may come from interpretation or the execution of these conditions are of the tribunals’ exclusive competency. The default language, in case of litigation, is french.



Our privacy policies explain how we make use of your personal data, with the strictest respect of your rights and how the data is manipulated.


What information do we collect?

We gather personal data from sending forms to Frontier’s Crystal team.
The answers are sent through a . Some parts of said answers may hold personal data.

By “personal data”, we mean any data allowing a person’s identification, for instance your last name, first name, or email, or any other information that you may choose to provide us when you send the form.

We save the following data:

  • First name and Last name
  • Email


The data we collet

We only work with third party tools that we trust to collect your information.

  • Answers to forms on the website are collected and held by  and
  • The email is collected and held in the CRM ActiveCampaign, in order to send email campaigns.
  • The email may be used by Gmail when we directly contact an user
  • For the purpose of data analysis, and in order to improve the use of Crystal for its clients, dat may be collected and held inGoogle Spreadsheets (email, form validation date, subscription date, etc..)
  • Data may also travel through automation tools such as Zapier et Integromat
  • Visitation and navigation data are analyzed through: Google Analytics. This data cannot linked to personal information.
    You may deactivate data collection and treatment by Google by opting-out on https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


How we make use of the data you provide us

We use the data for a variety of purposes and their end depends on the data collected and the service you are using. Usage of your data may include:

  • Contacting a user to answer their questions, ask them questions and other demands
  • Contacting a user to inform them of new features or new information related to the tool, a new offer or a change related to the software or the website.


How long are your data held?

The data’s storage’s end date is not defined.


With whom do we share your data?

We only share your personal information with our employees and aforementioned trusted third party apps.


Manage your data

You may ask us for an archive of the data we hold on you.
You may also ask us to delete said data.

To send us requests relative to the management of your data, please contact us at the following email address: hello@frontier.team



When you choose to provide us with your personal data, you expressly consent to the collection and usage of said data, as described in our privacy policy and the legislation in effect.


Changes to the privacy policy

We may modify our privacy policy from time to time. Any change that may occur will be published on this page. Continued usage of Crystal after the modifications have been made validates your acceptance of said modifications.


According to the GDPR (General data protection regulation), anyone can access to the data that they may have transmitted and ask that said data be deleted.

Any person therefore has access to the following rights:

  • The right to erasure
  • The right to data portability
  • The right of access
  • The right rectification
  • The right to objet
  • The right to restriction of processing

Any individual who wishes to exert their rights may contact us at hello@frontier.team  or send us a letter at 112 boulevard de la Chapelle 75018 Paris.


Questions and forms

Sending us a form through the various means present in our software allows us to study your request or your results, so as to serve the purpose and our role intended in the form.

Information gathered by our forms are stored in a digital file by Frontier SAS so that we may contact you when you have made an explicit request to us.

The legal base of treatment is 112 boulevard de la Chapelle 75018 Paris, France.

The stored data will only by shared to Frontier SAS’s employees.

The data is stored for 3 years.

You may access your data, rectify them, ask for their erasure, or exert your right to restrict processing. You may revoke your consent to data treatment at any time you chose. You may oppose to the treatment of your data. You may also exert your right to data portability.

More information on your rights as a user can be found at the following address: cnil.fr

In order to exert your rights or for any question on the use of your data in this context, you may contact our data protection officer or the service in charge of upholding your rights at hello@frontier.team or send us a letter at 112 boulevard de la Chapelle 75018 Paris, France.

If you feel, after we have answered your questions, that the rights under the GDPR legislation have not been upheld, you may address a complaint with the CNIL.


Our website uses Typeform questionnaires that are GDPR-compliant, as expressed in this note: https://www.typeform.com/blog/news/gdpr/

Moreover, the website https://crystal.work does not make use of other links or another third party that may put at risk the personal data that you have shared to us.